R099 I Am My Beloved's Ring - Solid

R099 I Am My Beloved's Ring - Solid
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PLEASE NOTE: This ring is currently available in Sterling Silver only.

Ani Le Dodi Ve Dodi Li.

I am my belovedís and my beloved is mine. (Song of Solomon 6:3)

This beautiful verse comes from a little book of only eight chapters found in the middle of the Bible. Itsí Hebrew name is Shir HaShirim or Song of Songs, which means the most excellent of all songs. Itsí theme is LOVE. God is love; so His favorite song had to be a love song. King Solomon is considered to be itsí author. The Bible tells us that Solomon wrote 1,005 songs altogether (1Kings 4:32), this one being his best. In this love song Solomon, the King of Israel, set his affection on a simple country girl, the Shulamite. Their relationship is an illustration of Godís relationship to Israel, and the believerís to the Lord Jesus. Who are we that the King of Kings should care for us? As believers each one of us is in the Song of Songs because we are recipients of the greatest love in the universe.

PLEASE NOTE: All 14k gold rings are custom made to order and take approx 10 days production time. If your requested size in silver is out of stock we will advise you and you can assume about 10 days as well

WIDTH: Approx 5/16"